Thursday, March 20, 2014

Swing And a Miss

Batting averages are funny things.  Batting .300 is something to be proud of, but we tend to overlook what it takes to get there.  That’s hitting only 30 percent of what you swing for, which means that you’re actually missing your target 70 percent of the time!  We tend to put our focus not on the process - the diamonds in the rough, that require human effort to shine- but on the finished diamond… which took effort, and probably a few tries, to be what it is.

Shortly after I wrote my first blog post, I felt I was on a roll, and followed up by writing what was intended to be the second one.  In short, it wasn’t very good.  The idea was there, but it needs some more thought and revision…  you don’t get to see that one today!  Instead, you get this to read, and here’s the thought behind it, for you to contemplate:

If you want to be batting .300, be prepared to accept that you're going to fail 70 percent of the time in order to get there!

Sometimes, things are much clearer inside our head - often, important things! - and it takes some effort to communicate them.  Make the effort.  Sometimes, things are more difficult to achieve than we expected, and it takes greater effort to make them a reality.  Make the effort.  Sometimes there are things we can’t change, but there are far more things we can change, if we’d only put in more effort than we thought we’d need to when we signed up for whatever it was.  Make the effort, change your thinking, and change your world with it.

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